5 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Almost everyone has herd of laser hair removal but most dont really understand how it works. Most women assume that lasers are blasted at the hair to make them go away.


Well thats about mostly correct but not completely there. The laser is actually applied to the hair follicle with the goal of damaging the hair follicle. The hair follicle is right under the skin from which hair grows. 



The goal of damaging the hair follicle is to ensure that hair does not grow back and if it does it does at a considerably slower rate. The number of sessions required vary person to person and at the end of these the hair follicle's have been damaged enough so that hair either does not grow back at all or it does in some areas but considerably slower. Before we continue I would like to also say that no laser hair removal does not cause cancer this is according to multiple studies. 


The effectiveness of the sessions really depends on the machine being used. The most effective machines are those found within high level salons. But sessions on these machines normally comes out to a couple of thousand dollars for a couple of sessions. This is normally not affordable for most women out there also there is the part that you have to go to the salon to get your sessions done. 


But we now have very effective at home laser hair removal devices available for use as well. These are not as effective as those found at the top end salons but these devices help to greatly slow down the speed of the hair regrowth process and in turn make life much easier. 


I personally am a pretty big fan of these at home laser hair removal devices and the innovation they bring. You can read more about why and how I became a fan in the following Link.


Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal 


  1.  If the laser hair removal device does not suit your skin or if you are using it on the incorrect settings it may cause hyper-pigmentation and hypopigmentation. This basically means that your skin may either darken or lighten due to the affects the laser has on your skin pigments. 
  2.  While operating a laser hair removal device especially at home make sure you wear proper eye protection. The laser may damage your eyes so you must keep your eyes protected. 
  3. You may feel a slight itching sensation during and after the laser session. Dont be alarmed as this is a very common side effect.
  4. You may also experience a slight burn sensation during the laser hair removal session. Its very important you dont just tolerate the pain if its excessive or unusual. You should check the machine to make sure the settings are correct. 
  5. During the initial use of the laser you may have the development of slight scabs and marks on the area where the laser was applied. This should not be too much of a concern as this is common for people with sensitive skin when they first start using a laser hair removal device. 

Above you will find some of the most common side effects that may occur during your laser hair removal sessions. As you can read most of them occur when you initially start using the laser. But its still recommend that if you are planning on using a at home laser hair removal machine and have sensitive skin you first consult with your doctor or dermatologist just to be on the safe side.