Why Laser Hair Removal?

Why am I so fascinated by laser hair removal?

As most of the readers would know that I'm very much into beauty but the area that fascinates me the most is laser hair removal. Yes laser hair removal most people wonder and ask what I can possibly find so interesting about this and why not the other aspects of beauty such as makeup or fashion? Well my initial reply to this is always how can you not find lasers fascinating and after my awkward laugh to cover my failed joke attempt I tell them that hair removal allows us access to other beauty areas such as make up and fashion.


Think about it if we did not have a efficient form of hair removal available will we really be able to freely think about what we're going to wear as we do today? Our choices will be greatly limited and this will affect other aspects as well from the makeup to the accessories we wear with our clothes. Since laser hair removal is the most effective form of hair removal that is available today and I also personally believe that in the future it will be the go to option for everyone for a hair removal solution. It not only will be very safe but at the same time due to the latest innovation will also be a very affordable option that anyone can use from the comfort of their home. If you have some safety concerns than I recommend you read my blog about the side effects of laser hair removal to get more information.


I should share that I always didn't have such a positive image of laser hair removal their was actually a time where I really hated it. This hatred stemmed from a bad experience that I had when I just went to the store and purchased a laser hair removal device. I did not do any research and just bought a device based on its price I did not buy the cheapest nor the most expensive device as you may be thinking. I carefully selected  a device that came somewhere in the middle of the two it was a little over $300 which I though should have gotten me a pretty decent device. But I was wrong after using it a couple of times the pain was unbearable and I also ended up damaging my skin a little. The device was not safe and to top it off it was very slow as well I didn't need this and stopped using it entirely. 


After this event I was avoided laser hair removal devices and was a advocate for speaking out against them until about a year later when a friend of mine convinced me to give it another shot. This time the device worked out really well and I was hooked. I started to read about the various features these devices had within them and how these improved the overall experience. I would highly recommend that you do some research and read some best at home laser hair removal reviews before you go out and purchase a device. Also you should remember that just because one device works good for your friend its not a sure thing that it will best suit your needs as well. As these devices depend on many factors from your skin type to colour and based on these factors you can get a device that better meets your needs. 


I was very happy using my friends device as it gave me very good results but upon further research I found a device with a built is skin tone analyser as my skin is a bit tanned. This greatly improved the hair removing experience overall making it go by even faster and making it much more pain free.